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October 22, 2010

Someone said today that I have “talent” for photography.

Well, I’m not really someone you would call talented in anything in particular (unless you count the corporate world, where talent usually just means being able to work your ass off).

In Sunday school, they used to tell the parable of the ten talents. I would fidget in my seat thinking – rather guiltily to myself, because that really isn’t the point of the story – that I don’t really have any.

Not art. Not music. Not dance. Not sports.

Talent is defined as a natural endowment or ability that is of superior quality. I, however, am the epitome of mediocrity.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t suck at everything. Just the contrary, I can pick things up really quickly, but then it plateaus just before I can become great. A sort of “Jack of all trades”, if you will.

And I’m not complaining, because it’s all great fun.

So anyway, all things considered, I’m awfully flattered by that comment. But unfortunately, that’s not really true.

I just have good lenses (rented usually) and Lightroom.



October 6, 2010
I started on my “Things that make me happy” photo project earlier this year, with the goal not only to list, but also to capture with my lens, a hundred things that make me happy.

I thought why not tackle two of my life list items (the other being to “Take more (and better) photos on my DSLR”) at once.

So, here I am at #45.

Unfortunately, I feel like I have stalled a little bit – both creatively and emotionally.

Seems it is much easier to pinpoint things that make me unhappy rather than happy these days.

I need to (as the new F&N Seasons ad exhorts) drink in some positivity!

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