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2010 Top Ten

January 8, 2011

1. Top experience : Travelling to the top destination on my wishlist – a cruise to the Arctic aboard the National Geographic Explorer.

2. Biggest purchase : Apart from the payment for the experience noted above – which was the single biggest transfer of money I have ever made in my life – buying my digital SLR camera was costly as well. It was not so much the camera itself that was expensive, but the sudden escalation of “wants” of related paraphernalia, such as $3000 lenses, that really take the cake. I blame @hanshoots.

3. Best film : Christopher Nolan’s Inception, hands down.

4. Yummiest new TV character : Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder), the hotter (read : bad boy) of two vampire brothers in The Vampire Diaries. Ahhh… so deliciously malevolent.

5. Most antagonizing Season cliff-hanger : Chuck Bass getting shot at the end of Gossip Girl Season 3.

6. Top proud-to-be-Singaporean moment : Being at the Singapore Night Race for the first time, thanks to Desmond Tay.

7. Best comfort food : Bak chor mee from Tai Hwa Coffeeshop at Crawford Lane is still the choice for the boyfriend and I.

8. Newest healthy past-time : As part of the year’s resolution to exercise more, I started playing basketball again. I’m glad to have re-discovered old friends as well as found new ones who are wildly enthusiastic (and that already is an understatement) about the sport. Unfotunately,  it has been quite a crappy year for me healthwise, and I missed out quite a number of games from spraining my ankle (twice), breaking a couple of my fingernails and spending the year-end holidays hobbling around with chronic back pains.

9. Most terrifying decision : Leaving my first “real” job after more than three-and-a-half years. I joined the Company soon after graduation, and I didn’t think I would ever be able to leave. Till now, I’m not sure it was the right decision, but regardless, I sure am proud of myself for making it.

10. Most unlikely event : Adopting a kitten. My parents have always been anti-pets of any kind, and I never thought we would have one while living under their roof. But when a stray kitten was born in our garden and had been wailing for its mother for days, my mom grudgingly gave her food and shelter from the year-end monsoon rains. Now, Hersheys is well-loved and has plenty of treats and toys. With all the nipping at our feet and sneaking into the house when we are not looking, I’m amazed (and grateful) they haven’t killed her yet.


House-hunting 101

November 21, 2010

When it comes to buying a house, I am a strong believer that everything has to cosmically come together.  location, layout, size, view, facing, airflow, price, and most importantly, the ‘feeling’ you get when you step in. Sure, I have a (long) list of criteria which I have shared before on this blog, but there really isn’t any science to it.

I was brought up in a household where going to view houses over the weekend was considered quality family time, and probably saw more than a hundred properties by the time I was 10. Only a couple of them eventually materialized into purchases, but when they did, we knew they were the crème de la crème.

That’s why I get awfully peeved when housing agents drill me for a reason why I’m not interested in a certain property, and then try to rationalize it away.

The traffic’s too loud. No lah, you just need to shutter your windows and turn the music up.

It’s too small. No lah, it is actually quite ok if you threw out your entire closet and kept just two articles of clothing.

The location is too far away. No lah, it’s way better than Pulau Ubin already.

Some one seriously did try to argue that last one with me.

As if I would be getting the biggest investment on my life based on some crazy compromise.

Today, I read in a magazine News correspondent Glenda Chong’s interesting theory on buying a house; she said : You don’t choose a house, the house chooses you. What a nice, concise way of putting it. I should try that on silly agents next time.

Unfortunately, the houses that “choose me” are often way (and I mean WAAAYY) out of my price range. :p


When the going gets tough…

November 14, 2010

Most Gen Y-ers I know would quit the job. Or at least, make the most of their sick leave days.

Me? I just quit having a life. :s


Right now, Pig is slogging away in the Office (Yes, at 12:10am on a Sunday)



October 22, 2010

Someone said today that I have “talent” for photography.

Well, I’m not really someone you would call talented in anything in particular (unless you count the corporate world, where talent usually just means being able to work your ass off).

In Sunday school, they used to tell the parable of the ten talents. I would fidget in my seat thinking – rather guiltily to myself, because that really isn’t the point of the story – that I don’t really have any.

Not art. Not music. Not dance. Not sports.

Talent is defined as a natural endowment or ability that is of superior quality. I, however, am the epitome of mediocrity.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t suck at everything. Just the contrary, I can pick things up really quickly, but then it plateaus just before I can become great. A sort of “Jack of all trades”, if you will.

And I’m not complaining, because it’s all great fun.

So anyway, all things considered, I’m awfully flattered by that comment. But unfortunately, that’s not really true.

I just have good lenses (rented usually) and Lightroom.



October 6, 2010
I started on my “Things that make me happy” photo project earlier this year, with the goal not only to list, but also to capture with my lens, a hundred things that make me happy.

I thought why not tackle two of my life list items (the other being to “Take more (and better) photos on my DSLR”) at once.

So, here I am at #45.

Unfortunately, I feel like I have stalled a little bit – both creatively and emotionally.

Seems it is much easier to pinpoint things that make me unhappy rather than happy these days.

I need to (as the new F&N Seasons ad exhorts) drink in some positivity!



September 20, 2010

The boyfriend and I celebrated turning six years as a couple with an overnight – or as they say nowadays, a “staycation” – at Marina Bay Sands. I love how they coined a neologism for that. So it’s a little corny, but manages to perfectly encompass the previously cumbersome “overnight stay at a hotel in Singapore” or “vacation without leaving the country” in three syllables.

We were pleasantly surprised to have been upgraded to their Orchid Suite. Ok, that is an understatement; I think that one move made our stay. (I actually had the opportunity to return for a site visit to the rooms and a couple of junior suites some time after our stay, and I still think the one we stayed in was much nicer.)

It is amazing how a little luxury, in a relatively large space, overlooking the sea (and a construction site), can make one feel invincible. If only for a few hours, we were living the high life : in-room dining, lounging by the infinity pool on the 57th floor, eating celebrity chef teppanyaki and window-shopping at designer boutiques. Like Audrey Tatou in Priceless. Especially when there were 70-carat rings retailing for $29 million a pop in one of the shops downstairs… no kidding!

Unfortunately, that feeling lingered when we found ourselves in a mall more within our price range the next day – The boyfriend ended up with a spanking new set of golf clubs, and I with a new handbag and some jewellery.

I really like Marina Bay Sands, architecturally, even if it was crawling with gawking Singaporeans.

Sea-view is overrated though; the next time, I’d choose to face the bay instead of the sea. Located on the other side of the bay, the Sands has an incredible sweeping view of the Singapore skyline – I think the best in the whole of Singapore!

Of course, the infinity pool at the Skypark was one of the highlights.

Ku De Ta wasn’t open yet (it was open for a private party though), so we shopped around for a restaurant to have dinner at. We managed to squeeze ourselves in at Hide Yamamoto for teppanyaki even though they were fully reserved on a Friday night.

The breakfast table was so lovely in the morning light streaming into the room. I couldn’t resist taking plenty of photos, while my bacon and eggs lay getting cold on the platter.


Pig is at Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort, Singapore



September 10, 2010

Less than three weeks to our short getaway to Bali for J’s wedding, but I’m once again having itchy feet.

It’s my fault, really, surfing airline sites for their year-end airfare deals is like a buffet spread for someone on a diet.

I feel like going somewhere that is familiar and hassle-free; like to Osaka for ramen, or to Perth for Margaret River wine.

But, is it really bad that I have only been in this new company for less than six months (I think it’s closer to four), and I have already taken more than 15 days’ vacation leave?

Not to mention I must consider the impact of my leave plans for 2011: Greece with the girl friends, the couples’ getaway with the married peeps to Hokkaido, photog trip to India and visiting the boyfriend’s brother in Canberra.

Sometimes I wish I wouldn’t have people judging me for all the time I’d be away from the office. I don’t know how D does it, jetting off to somewhere spectacular every other month (or more).

P/S : And, whatever happened to the promise I made to the boyfriend that I wouldn’t travel anywhere for five years after our exorbitant trip this summer? :p

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