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September 20, 2010

The boyfriend and I celebrated turning six years as a couple with an overnight – or as they say nowadays, a “staycation” – at Marina Bay Sands. I love how they coined a neologism for that. So it’s a little corny, but manages to perfectly encompass the previously cumbersome “overnight stay at a hotel in Singapore” or “vacation without leaving the country” in three syllables.

We were pleasantly surprised to have been upgraded to their Orchid Suite. Ok, that is an understatement; I think that one move made our stay. (I actually had the opportunity to return for a site visit to the rooms and a couple of junior suites some time after our stay, and I still think the one we stayed in was much nicer.)

It is amazing how a little luxury, in a relatively large space, overlooking the sea (and a construction site), can make one feel invincible. If only for a few hours, we were living the high life : in-room dining, lounging by the infinity pool on the 57th floor, eating celebrity chef teppanyaki and window-shopping at designer boutiques. Like Audrey Tatou in Priceless. Especially when there were 70-carat rings retailing for $29 million a pop in one of the shops downstairs… no kidding!

Unfortunately, that feeling lingered when we found ourselves in a mall more within our price range the next day – The boyfriend ended up with a spanking new set of golf clubs, and I with a new handbag and some jewellery.

I really like Marina Bay Sands, architecturally, even if it was crawling with gawking Singaporeans.

Sea-view is overrated though; the next time, I’d choose to face the bay instead of the sea. Located on the other side of the bay, the Sands has an incredible sweeping view of the Singapore skyline – I think the best in the whole of Singapore!

Of course, the infinity pool at the Skypark was one of the highlights.

Ku De Ta wasn’t open yet (it was open for a private party though), so we shopped around for a restaurant to have dinner at. We managed to squeeze ourselves in at Hide Yamamoto for teppanyaki even though they were fully reserved on a Friday night.

The breakfast table was so lovely in the morning light streaming into the room. I couldn’t resist taking plenty of photos, while my bacon and eggs lay getting cold on the platter.


Pig is at Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort, Singapore


Gift of Time

May 29, 2010

For my birthday this year, the boyfriend gave me the most precious gift of all: the gift of Time.

We had an eventful two days at Resorts World Sentosa, with thrills at Universal Studios in the day and spills at the Casino for the rest of the night on his expense.

But I think these pictures say it all. The luxury of conversation over a glass of wine and sleeping in past noon on a Saturday.

Thank you for a most lovely weekend.


Lunch with the Bankers and Lawyers

March 20, 2010

A lazy, Saturday afternoon lunch with the old buddies from Junior College is always refreshing and stimulating. With Bankers and Lawyers (and one currently-unemployed-but-not-for-long Masters of Finance) at the helm, today’s conversation was vastly different from the harping about Jack Neo and his indiscretions, which seems to be the topic of choice with the company I keep these days.

While I do like to think of myself as relatively intelligent, I’m really the underachiever of the bunch.

Here’s a sampling of one excellent topic from the table this afternoon:

There are five pirates, ranked A to E, who are to split 100 pieces of gold. The pirates take turns to propose a way to share out the gold, and each pirate gets a vote. If at least 50% of the pirates (i.e. 3 out of 5, or 2 out of 4) vote “Yes”, the proposal will be accepted and the gold will be shared out accordingly. If not, the pirate making the proposition will be killed, and the next pirate in line will get to propose a method. The order of the pirates is non-interchangeable – A will first make the proposal, if he is killed, B gets to propose, and so on.

Some assumptions about the pirates:

  • All the pirates are rational, logical and highly intelligent
  • All the pirates will attempt to maximize their own gains
  • To them, preserving their life is more important than money (i.e. they would rather not get any gold than die)

Assuming you represent Pirate A (the first Pirate to propose), how would advise your client such that he would be able to get the maximum number of gold?

(Hint: The answer is more than you’d expect)

It felt good to get the rusty ol’ cranium out of the box once in awhile.


Edit >> The boyfriend was able to work it out doubly quick. *beams* The difference between the Mathematical types and the, well, not. Right now, Pig is impressed.


To my Valentine

January 24, 2010

Class of 2006.

September 25, 2007

The WKWSCI Anniversary Dinner was great.

Incidentally, WKWSCI is such a bizarre name-change. First, it sounds like some west coast radio station. Second, it is the longest abbreviation ever! (10 syllables, try it.) So, to most of us, it’s still affectionately know as CS– to be honest, SCI also never really caught on.

I digress.

It was interesting to see what everyone’s been up to the past one year. In the sanctuary and shelter in the name of education, we camped out in the editing suites rushing the final cut, burned midnight oil at the Benches, got into intense philosophical, political and practical discussions during tutorials and after… Everyone dreamt the same dream. And we thought we knew life would be from here on.

Yet it seems, our lives diverged the moment we armed ourselves with our motar boards and stepped into the big bad world. People are big-shot journalists and media personalities. People took the plunge and lived the year in a foreign-speaking country. People are in New York City living the dream. People got married, are getting married, and want to get married. And people look at me puzzled when I tell them what I do.

I hear about V’s Norwegian escapades and I wonder what happened to me; to my restlessness, my once burning desire to get out at whatever the cost, to my eagerness to smell, taste and touch the world.

It is strange what one year can do to a person.

“So, where do you write now?” I asked a friend who, from Freshman year, was one of the surest people about what he wanted to do.

“I am not writing.”

Sometimes, there is a weird pinch of longing, but otherwise, catching up with everyone was wonderful.

Thanks to WS for getting me off my lard butt and practically forcing me to go by saying she’d already registered for me (I wasn’t, by the way :p).

Here’s the Class of 2006:

Class of 2006

Erm, I kind of ripped it off (hope you don’t mind, babe).

My rock of a camera decided to flip out on me, so I was rather shamelessly sticking my face into others’. Now I’m counting on their charity for my memories… *hint hint*


National Day morning.

August 9, 2006

Had breakfast with the gang at Cafe Cartel this morning. Despite several prior attempts to meet up, it’s been a long while since I’ve seen any of them (the last time was during Christmas last year, according to Di). I guess everyone is so busy with their lives that 10 am on a public holiday (i.e. when no one else is sane enough to meet) is about the only time they can spare an hour for old friends.

My dage finally got himself a gal, and suddenly he’s so sweet. 🙂 Am happy for you man!

It was nice playing catch up anyway, even if it was a eat and run thingi. I’m feeling awful about the state of my impending job though, especially when everyone else seems to be having a bright (read: well-paying) future. *ahem* And to top it all off, the guys are planning for their holiday to the States at the end of the year. I, on the other hand, have $2.85 left in my bank.

Okay, I’m supremely envious now.

I just had to get this photo of Jus paying. Doesn’t happen very often you know.

Justin is a rich boy now (he earns more interning than I can hope to earn in the next five years) so breakfast was very generously on him. Everyone say, thanks Jus! And for the Portugal scarf too, I love it. 🙂


Buh bye, again.

July 30, 2006

Woke up at a hideously early hour to send the boyfriend off this morning. So here we go again, for another four months or so. It ain’t that bad I know, I’ve handled this parting shite like five times over before, and I must say pretty well too. But somehow I’m still feeling apprehensive about being back here on my own. I guess staying together for two months does that to you. And maybe it’s also because I’m too envious that he gets to leave this pig-sweating weather behind. No matter, we’ll get used to it soon enough (other than the darned weather, of course).

Anyway, the official photographer of the day rather senselessly took all the photos on the dSLR back to Australia with him, so no pics of Convo just yet. *grumbles* But, I have some from the day after: Sarah-ee’s birthday (belated, because Convo was the actual day) at Little Bali, although it was more a just-hang-out-and-chill thing than a celebration. Sorry, babe. Hope you had fun with us puny folk anyway. Acid Bar next week?
Little Bali

Little Bali is one of my favouritest places ever! I went there with my family the other night after Convo as well, so that makes two days in a row (‘cept that, there are no pictures of course, because all the photos are now on the plane to Perth and blah blah).

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