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Fangirl moment

July 17, 2010

Ok, so I haven’t done a pseudo film critique for awhile – probably since selling my soul to the corporate world – and this isn’t one, but I am having a major fangirl moment after catching Inception tonight.

I can’t remember the last film that got me gushing long after the credits rolled. Oh, yes I can, The Dark Knight probably came quite close, and I remember the “morning afters” to The Prestige and Memento when I was literally jumping around discussing arguing about the film (incidentally I only caught the last two on DVD).

Yes, writer-director Christopher Nolan always blows me away. You know how people you have high expectations of have a penchant to disappoint? I am amazed that he consistently delivers after all these years. Actually, I am quite thankful Inception turned out as good as it was; I was so hopeful that I would have been terribly disappointed otherwise.

In another life, when my ambition was still to be a writer / director (and when I still gave a damn about concepts and scripts and production design), I idolized him as the pinnacle of a filmmaker. I would take his carefully crafted high concept films over Jerry Bruckheimer’s blockbuster inundation any day.

And when you have sat pen in hand trying to think of a coherent story that is not cliche or trite or, as it usually is, just plain lousy, you truly appreciate what a work of art each and every one of his films is.

In a world where even die-hard Twilight fans lament about how it’s-so-awful-don’t-even-try-to-see-it Eclipse is, Nolan represents all the good that’s left in the film industry these days.


Chicks’ nite out.

May 14, 2007

Me is happy.

It’s been a long, long time since I caught a truly, satisfying chick flick.

Eye candy!

Audrey Tatou

Okay, so maybe the show wasn’t the greatest and I’m just biased, but ain’t that the most beautiful girl in the world?

Aww… I’m in love with Audrey Tatou. She is the Audrey Hepburn/ Holly Golightly of 2007.

Plus, French sounds divine, especially with the incredibly posh hotels and fabulous gowns and shoes. Although, I must admit I didn’t understand much aside from “Oui”, “Je suis desole” and “D’accord”.

So much for Intermediate French. (Nel, let’s pick it up again!)


Movie tickets: $7.50

Tacos we had to sneak in: $2.95

A feel good movie to brighten up your day: – Priceless


A totally lameass movie.

July 23, 2006

Review for Ask The Dust.

Tickets for Thank You For Smoking were sold out, so the boyfriend and I caught the only other movie available instead. I didn’t hear about Ask The Dust prior to this, and was convinced the boyfriend was trying to trick me into watching scary movie with him yet again (the title sounds like it could reasonably be a horror film, right). Turns out it was a “romantic movie”, so I guess the only draw for him probably was the R21 rating. Whatever.

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