My secret shame

February 3, 2010

Thanks to the nice people over at Riceball, I am reading the most awesome book on photography right now.

Extracted from The Digital Photography Book:

“You’re sobbing because you bought all this expensive camera gear, with multiple camera bodies and lenses that cost more than a Toyota Prius hybrid, you’ve got more filters than a Ritz Camera store, and your camera bag weighs approximately 54lbs. You saved all year, took your two week vacation from work, bought a round trip airfare… Now you’re looking through the viewfinder and what you see doesn’t look half as good as the stinkin’ postcards in the park’s gift shop that sell for $1.25 each…”

I just had to laugh out loud at that (well, I laughed at many other parts too, but that’s another story).

It’s like he totally put his finger on my secret shame!

Especially given recent “investments” in the new hobby (and by that I mean getting ripped off over the weekend at Sim Lim Square), I have this immense foreboding that the pictures from the Big Trip are going to be a huge letdown.

Scott Kelby is my hero. A genius photographer and a fantastic writer to boot.

And he doesn’t make you feel like a complete idiot for knowing nuts about photography, even though you probably know you are.


P/S: The internet is the perfect antidote for information asymmetry. Everyone knows the fellas at Sim Lim Square are renowned for ripping off ang mohs and tourist. So when you walk in as a local all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and get majorly “chopped”, you can only have yourself (and the equally naive boyfriend) to blame. The $700 lesson learnt: ALWAYS DO YOUR RESEARCH.


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